Shot in the Dark


Written by Wade Talley
Co-written by David Smith

Verse 1
It’s the middle of the night
I’m searching for some light
So here I am down on my knees
Should I stay, Should I go
So much I don’t know
Lord I wonder what You want from me
Please Lord Give me a sign

Those Giants are calling me
Saying I’m a failure
Lord I need you, I need a Savior
So like a sling shot through the air
I’m throwing out this prayer
Taking a leap of Faith it hits its mark
Oh Lord this is my shot in the dark

Verse 2
I listen for your voice
Help me make the choice
To trust you with things I can not see
Hearing Goliath Call
Can make a grown man feel so small
And the future so dark in front of me
Please Lord give me a sign


Then the Mountains started to move
And the skies turned the clearest blue
It felt as if could walk on the sea
Now all I want to, is place my trust in you
And to hear you say to keep your eyes on me

When the Giants call my name
Saying I’m a failure
I know I need you, I need a savior
So like a sling shot through the air
Go and throw out this prayer
Taking a leap of Faith it hits its mark
Close Your Eyes and Take a shot in the dark
Take a shot in the dark.


Although the original song was titled Leap of Faith, and David Smith and I changed some lyrics, the meaning of the song has never changed.

Verse 1
It is the middle of the night, searching for some light. So here I am down on my knees. Should I stay, should I go? So much I don’t know. Lord, I wonder what you want from me. Please Lord give me a sign.

Those giants are calling me, saying I’m a failure. Lord, I need you. I need a Savior. So Like a slingshot through the air, I’m throwing out this prayer. Taking a leap of faith, it hits its mark. Lord, this is my shot in the dark.

This “Shot in the Dark” is going to mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, such as taking a shot at living your dream, when it seems impossible. In fact, I see this project as a shot in the dark, and at one time it seemed impossible. Yet to me this song is about more than chasing a dream. It is about a very dark time in my life. This song is my prayer against fear and failure.

This is a very personal reflection, but I felt compelled to share, so you can see that these songs on the CD Album truly are my prayers.

It seems we are all looking for clear answers in life, but it just doesn’t work that way. God gave us free will, to choose to live as we please. Believe or not believe, our decision. I made mistakes in my life and the devil was shoving my face in those mistakes, and he kept reminding me that I couldn’t win as a coach. The decision to listen to the devil and to those giants of fear and failure, along with not turning away from my sinful ways, put me in a deep rut! I didn’t like who I was and I had no peace.

The deep rut was then compounded, when Tammy and I lost a set of twins, Lexi and Leslie. At this point, I found myself begging for signs, searching for any type of light in my life. And as the second verse says, the future looked so dark in front of me. I talked a good game. On the outside I was happy, but I was extremely restless on the inside. The funny thing is that I had plenty of light right in front of me, such as my wife, my kids, family, friends, but I was blinded by Sin, by regret, by guilt. I kept throwing out prayers in desperation, hoping to find some peace.

Then finally one day the prayers Hit the right mark and I let go and let my Savior heal me. I begged for forgiveness. I let go of all the mistakes I had made in the past. I Let go and asked for forgiveness for leaving my wife and kids alone so many nights while I was chasing my sporting dreams.(So selfish) That day I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and I felt as if I was being lifted up from a deep hole.

As the song says in the bridge, Mountains started to move, the skies turned the clearest blue, I felt like I could walk on the sea. Now all I want to do is place my trust in you, and to hear you say to keep your eyes on me.

If you ask anybody, I am sure most would say that “Wade is a good guy”, but good people still make mistakes, good people have temptations, and like it or not we all have things in our life keeping us from growing closer to God. NO, I did not steal, or cheat on my wife, but I did mistreat people, I did talk bad about others (still struggle with this at times), I did live a life that was more about me, and about the things of this world, and most of all I didn’t see my wife as God intended. Now when you have sin on your heart and you don’t repent of these sins, they build, they wear you down, and eventually they destroy! I continued to throw out prayers hoping that they hit the right mark and with the help of a Savior, we started plucking the bad vines from my life that were keeping me from experiencing His peace. I started turning from my sinful ways. I went apologized to those I had wronged, and I got on my knees in front of my wife and asked her to forgive me for not being the Husband that God intended for me to be. At the time she probably thought I was nuts, (which I won’t argue that I am a little goofy) but I think she understands now that God was truly working on me. I needed her to know that I was truly sorry for not being there for her and for leaving her alone so many nights and for not doing my part as a husband and father. You see, the coaching was all about me, not about my family, which is why there was so much guilt in my heart.

I believe now that God was and is still cleansing my life so that I can share my love for Him with others. No, I am not even close to perfect, and I try to attend confession on at least a monthly basis and sometimes confessing on a daily basis by looking up and saying I am sorry.

I am a sinner, who needs the love of a Savior. I get upset and I curse at times. There are people that like me and I have those who don’t. Where I find peace, is when I try not to live to please people, but rather I believe the greatest gift of all from God, is a deep desire to live for and to please He who saved me. God Bless You All!

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