Happy New Year

I am hoping each of you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
2016 was a pretty interesting year on the job scene.  Due to the tough cattle markets,  I took on a night shift job for about 5 months at Fairview Mills.  I really enjoyed the job and the people I worked with, yet it was a great job with tough hours.  The best part of that job was the friends I made in the short time I was there.

In July, I was then presented with an opportunity to teach Band and Music at my alma mater, so I took it and have been learning many new things the past 6 months. Its great to back around the youth!  Even though they can be tough at times and they drive me crazy, I truly love being around them!!  I love the trickster in some of them like when Brody in 5th grade kept asking me to take a piece of Gum, and finally after I knew he would not quit until I took a piece, I did and it gave me a nice little shock.  So now, I have a surprise for him after break :)  I love the High School hiding in closets, and asking me to play along so they can scare their BFF’s.  I really enjoyed watching the kids perform at the Christmas Concert and seeing that nervous excitement in them as they did a wonderful job singing, playing, and acting!!  2016 was challenging, yet so many great things came from it!!

Yet, with all that said, I have let the music go by the way side and its time to get back to something I love, Music Ministry.  So here’s to 2017 and using the love of music to spread the love of Christ.  My hopes are to blog more, and to share my music  and other music I listen to by using Wade Talley Music website.  Now with that said I am a sinner, I am not perfect, I get angry, and I mess up on a daily basis.  So, when you see me get upset, when you see me not spreading the Love of Christ due to my sinful nature, understand My Love for Christ is not perfect, but HIS LOVE FOR ALL OF US IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  So During 2017, If You Love Jesus “Sing Hallelujah”

God Bless!

Moving Forward!

Cd # 2 is starting to take shape.  Vocals are complete and David is now building the songs musically and adding background vocals.  Father Kent O’Connor will be adding to the cd with some harmonica and some background vocals.  I love receiving new messages from David for it usually means listening to the rough mixes and ideas that he has come up with for each song.  Once again, he is really doing an amazing job with the songs and I excited to get them out to all of you!  God Bless!

CD Number 2

I spent most of last week in Fort Wayne Indiana recording a second Cd.  Fort Wayne has weather that compares to what we experience in Kansas, for I had mention how cool it was out to a hotel personnel  and his response  “Sir you can experience all 4 seasons in one day here”!  Sounds like Kansas to me.

David C. Smith and I recorded all the vocals for the 14-song album.  It was only going to be 13, but David and I took about 2 hours on Friday to write, track, and record a new song title “Singing Your Song”.  It has actual turned out to be one of my favorite songs on the album.  Although the album contains a few songs about some very painful events, overall the album has a much lighter mood than the first.   It contains songs about my home town of Corning Ks, about the country life, and about how events in our life shape who we are today.  We are currently working on a Title for the album and David is taking the vocals and adding the instruments.  We don’t have a set date of when the album will be released, but at this point we are thinking  the end of July or  early August.    We will be running another Kickstarter campaign with this project, but instead of asking people for donations it will be a place where you can preorder the album.  God Bless!

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