Day 21 Be The One (With Mary)

Well I have had a few political debates and it seems that some believe that some of my ways are just not Christian :)  So with that said, I especially tonight want to ask Mary for guidance towards the truth of Jesus.  Pride can still consume me, yet my goal is to not win a debate to be right, but in the end I hope both parties are closer to the Truth of Jesus.  Tensions are High right now, and so may we all pray for peace and understanding.

So I missed yesterday’s reflections but for me they can be summed by discussing contract verse’s covenant.  Do we see our relationship with Mary, With Jesus, with our Spouse as a contract or a covenant for there is a huge difference.  Contract is an exchange of goods or services, where Covenant is an exchange of Persons.  In a covenant, a complete giving of oneself to another is involved, and with it comes an unbreakable bond that entails rights and obligation.     As mother Teresa pointed out, this is something to take very seriously.  Some questions I pondered, Do I take my Faith Seriously, Do I take my Relationship with Mary, With Jesus Seriously, or does other things take precedence.  With this question, comes a flashback to a conversation I was having with Jesus, many years ago, and something that He put on my heart that really changed me and hit me hard. “Wade you never miss a KSU football Game on Saturday, A KC Chiefs football game on Sunday, and you never miss any of your sporting events, yet you miss church on Sunday regularly.”    This was a harsh reality at the time, that I didn’t take my Faith seriously and Jesus was just there when I needed him.    Day 20’s readings have challenged me again.

Day 21  When I read Be the one, so many things popped into my mind.  Coaches telling me to be the one, me as a dad saying be the one to my kids, me as a teacher/coach telling kids to be the one, telling those at music ministry events that I am here with hopes that I can help just one person through a hard time.  Yet Mother Teresa challenges us/me with this Be the one statement, in the fact that we should all Tell Jesus, “I will be the one” I will comfort, encourage, and I will Love Him.  St Teresa goes into much more depth and states that we need Mary “to Help us understand the thirst of Jesus for she is the one that consoles him best”.  “To console Jesus in others is to respond to their sufferings, especially to that deepest, most universal suffering, a thirst for love.”    Her teachings are amazing, and what I love is that the retreat is reminding us that “Everyone thirsts: rich and poor , young and old, believer and unbeliever.  Everyone has a restless heart for God, for man is a restless thirst. ”     So the challenge that Mary has left me tonight, is am I willing to help quench the thirst of those that don’t believe, that mock Jesus, that mock Mary, and those that use Jesus?  If I am not willing to quench the thirst of these, then I am not willing to quench my own thirst, for I too have been in their shoes. (who knows I may be in their shoes right now)

Mary most Holy, Pray for us!

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  • Julie

    Be the one. That’s the phrase that I want to reflect on this evening.

    I was in Washington, D.C. last week for an event. The theme this year was “The Power of One.” I’ve been mulling that over quite a bit in the past few days. It fits in well with the reading for today about being the one..

    In the past 24 hours I’ve had two opportunities to reflect upon that idea even more. A friend of mine is in a difficult situation at work. Her team is full of what I term “Negative Nellies” or “Debby Downers.” I encouraged her to be the one. In fact, I told her she could be the one to change the tone by always being joyful, doing her work cheerfully and never saying a negative word to or about her team. I reminded her that it only takes one candle to shine in the darkness.

    In another situation one of my nieces was struggling with something. I told her more often than not we do not know how a smile, a kind word or a few moments spent with someone can make all the difference. I encouraged her to be the one and think about how she can impact her sisters, her friends and her classmates by being the one to stay positive, maintaining a Christian perspective on the situation. She can lead by her example.

    Today, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about whether I am being the one. Am I influencing people in a good way? Am I taking the time to reach out to someone who is hurting? Am I smiling, especially when it is difficult to smile? Am I someone willing to be the one to change the tone of conversation if it’s derailed somehow? Am I willing to be the one to listen to someone in pain? Am I willing to be the one to stand up for my religious beliefs, especially when people mock me?

    The event’s speakers discussed how the power of one person can change the world because one person can influence another, and that person can influence another, and so forth. Pretty soon, the power of one has changed the world. If we need proof of this, all we have to do is look at Jesus Christ himself and the poem “One Solitary Life.”

    Jesus was one person, but He forever altered salvation history.

    While none of us are Jesus, we can be the one and unleash the power of one to change the life of someone with whom we come into contact with throughout the course of our lives. So my challenge to myself is this: How can I unleash the power of one and be the one to someone each day this week?

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