Day 23 Maternal Mediation 33 Days to Morning Glory

Just a few thoughts on todays readings.  The Readings stated “maternal mediation basically means that Mary is our spiritual mother, who assists us from heaven with her prayers and motherly care to help bring us to God.  Yet a bible verse that was always a challenge for me to answer was 1 Timothy 2:5  “There is one mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ”.  After reading todays readings, it was clear on Mary’s purpose and why Mary’s Intercession does not contradict 1 Timothy 2:5.  As it says, God is generous with His love.  He calls us all to be saints and to participate in His Kingdom. To quote the book “In other words, Jesus doesn’t keep his role as mediator to himself.  He wants Mary–and not just Mary, but all Christians (You and I) to share in his one mediation, though in subordinate ways.”   This makes sense to me for we all called to pray for others, we all called to bring Jesus to others, We are called to detach ourselves from the World, and say “let it be done according to thy will”.    I do believe that Mary is our Heavenly Mother, and its a very peaceful thought to know that I have an amazing mother here on earth and an amazing mother in Heaven, both who point me to Jesus, and both who pray for me.    God our Father, Mary our Mother, and Jesus ( the Son and the Savior of the world)    Also known as -A Family!

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  • Julie

    To follow up on your comment, Wade, I agree we are both blessed beyond measure. We have wonderful mothers on earth, plus we have an amazing heavenly mother in the Blessed Virigin Mary. Both point us to Jesus. We were both blessed with grandmothers who pointed us to Jesus as well.May we realize their examples and be inspired to lead lives worthy of the title of Christian.

  • Chris baumgartner

    Mary is going to mediate whether we listen or not
    God has given us guideance and roules from day 1
    We turned our back on god in the garden of eadon
    God has given us guideance through history
    we seem to have trouble listening
    Odaying and understnding him is not our strong suit
    like.the ten commandments and so on
    Our only way back to god in heaven is to come to jesus
    God put jesus in charge of mediation between the father and us
    Mary like our mother on earth helps us to understand what jesus wants and needs from us
    And helps us to come to jesus and helps us know what to say and do to come to him
    Hence mediator without her help it is harder to figer out
    As jesus spoke to us in parables so we cant understand completely without mediation or translation
    Translators are kind of mediation between two languages
    I cant understand jesus without mary and the church though the apostles
    Mary help me accept you as mediator

  • Chris baumgartner

    Am I getting the sense that mary not only wants us to pray for others
    But more mediate for her
    To be a chanel to her
    so she can mediate them to jesus
    And when she wants us to be detached from the world
    Is that like the gospel not to be posessed by the world
    But by mary
    Could it be she wants us to still use and prosess the world and yet detach ourselves from it?
    Jesus didn’t say become poor but give it all to the poor and fallow me?
    If we are all poor who will feed the poor ?
    God gave us what we need and more to share with the poor?
    So make more for the poor?
    He gave us more love then we need so we can share with those in need of it ?
    We need mary to mediate between us and
    the Needy
    the loley
    the persicuted
    The downtrod
    The sick
    The dispersing
    Or she need me to mediate between her and them
    And between the ritch
    In money
    In love
    In goods
    In time
    Dose she want me to mediate them to her
    Like at work we take our ideas and complaints to
    Or supervisor not always strate to the boss
    Mary be my supervisor
    So gods company can be great again!

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