Day 24 and 25 Mary's Retreat Day One and Two

So we are having a retreat within a retreat.  As the books says, that during her earthly life, Mary was kinda on a retreat/pilgrimage too.  Mary was also called to walk by faith, just as each of us are called to do it today.    Just as Mary pondered things in her heart I am going to share two things that I believe that are worth pondering, and I believe that in prayer these two points  really show the importance of Mary, and they show that Marian Consecration has been around for a while.

First a quote for Pope John Paul II–For it must be recognized that before anyone else it was God Himself, the Eternal Father, who entrusted himself to the Virgin of Nazareth, giving His own Son in the mystery of the Incarnation.”

Second–using a few quotes  from Pope John Paul II about the wedding at Cana where Jesus performs His first miracle, turning water into wine. — At the wedding Feast, “there is a human need-they need more wine”.  “Mary puts herself between the human need” and Jesus, (She Mediates),  Mary “wishes the messianic power of her Son to be manifested, the salvific power which is meant to help man in his misfortunes””Her Faith evokes his first “sign” and helps to rekindle the faith of the disciples.

Maybe these two points don’t do much for you and your Marian Consecration, but for me I see it like this.  If God trusted her, and in a sense gave himself to her in Jesus, then I should have no trouble giving my everything to her.

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  • Julie

    Wade mentioned the wedding feast at Cana.

    It’s there that Mary tells the wine stewards to “Do whatever He tells you.” Jesus thus begins his “hour” even though his “hour had not yet come.”

    In closing today’s reflection, Father Gaitley writes:

    Mary needs servants who will obey her words, “Do whatever He tells you.” Are we ready to be her servants so Jesus can begin his “hour” in our day?

  • Chris baumgartner

    I’m thinking mary wants us to.put ourselves between the people of the world to mediate
    Between there need and marys grace mary will take it from there
    Do the work like mother did by showing the grace of God through carring
    By her choice mary chose to serve jesus
    Like the weding she brought humanities needs to jesus
    So can we choose to serve mary so she can serve jesus
    Mary please remind me to ask for your intersection in the midst of my strugels
    Help me mediate others in struggle to you and your abundence of grace!
    I don’t know how mutch control
    I can give over to jesus ?
    through mary its not easy to give up that control!

    I do find it hard to pay attention too the world and it’s problems or needs
    I’m focused on the things that effect my life
    In order to be a good mediator for mary we need to know others pain
    So we need to join in there pain so we can chanel it to mary
    Help us to be able to see others needs and help mediate them to jesus murcey through mary !

    The media is like the devil these days twisting everything around making it hard to see true need is?

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