Day 26 and 27 Marian Retreat Day 3 and Marian Entrustment

Day 26 completed the three day mini retreat with Mary and Day 27 went on to talk about Pope John Paul II teaching on entrustment to Mary.  Yet I am going to go a different direction, where I feel the Spirit is leading me.

I have been busier here lately and I have missed some daily posts.  In fact the one night I fell asleep on the chair and I guess my wife and kids were banging on pots and pans to wake me due to they said they could “hear me sleeping”.  I don’t remember the pots and pans but I do remember getting up and moving to the bed.  It seems with each day that I learn more about Mary, and about giving ourselves to Her, it brings about more distractions that are trying to keep me from blogging.  I see this as the works of the devil.  I think the one mistake that so many of us are guilty of, is that we fail to recognize that the devil is real and the devil will do anything to keep us from Jesus.  Due to the readings in Genesis we can also see that the devil probably  despises Mary.  Lucifer was/is an angel, not a human, and for God to have a small 15-16 year old girl give birth to the Savior of the world.  God and Mary united through the Holy Spirit at the Annunciation formed the One “that will crush the Devils head”.  So I believe The Virgin Mary who is now Queen of Heaven and spiritrual mother to all humans has to infuriate the devil.  So for those of us that are participating in this retreat, we must realize he will do whatever to keep us from totally giving ourselves to Mary, for He knows that She will give us Jesus.   Be vigilant.  When you feel the distractions starting to get in the way,  and when you feel the devil trying to take you from Mary and Jesus, Shout loud and sternly,  Get Away from me satan,  I choose to only serve Jesus!

Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth, Show unto us the blessed fruit of your womb. Jesus.

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  • Chris baumgartner

    Mary sufferd with jesus as he sufferd and died on the cross
    She’s asking us to stand by others on there crosses and suffer with them
    We can mediate there needs to mary
    I think like the priest stands in for jesus in confesion
    We stand in for mary in being with them in there suffering
    We have to remember we can’t take credit for this or our pride will take over
    Remember not me but christ within me

    Some people think jesus grue up not getting in trouble because he was sinless
    I’ve been in trouble without sinning !
    Trouble is how people per sieve what you do?

    Jesus took care of mary by giving her care over to James and the rest of us
    And our care over to her
    Jesus was going on in his jurny
    Knowing that we all need somone to car for us and somone to care for them
    He put us in the care of mary
    Mary is giving us the care of all those suffering in the world
    And when we go on our jurny we need to give our loved ones in the hands of mary and the rest of us on earth till we see them again! And we will!

    I never thought of decotating for mary so whin she is with us she will feol at home
    Pictures of all the people in the world who remind her of christ and his love
    And when we decorate our minds with good things
    care for her suffering and our desire to help them
    But we can get posessed with puting on a show for others to see
    Part of me wants credit for what I do but it is not me but christ in me!

    When was the last time somone confused you with christ?

    Jesus gave mary to James and us
    how are we giong to care for her children
    Do we care for mary and her children
    Who are her children
    We are her children she is with us in our suffering!
    Do we cate for mary?

  • Julie


    Your comments are spot on. Anytime we attempt to grow in our relationship with Jesus and Mary, the enemy will attempt to distract us in so many ways. Spiritual warfare is real, and oftentimes in today’s age we don’t recognize it. A reliance on the Sacraments, the use of sacramentals such as holy water and blessed salt as well as an urgent prayer to St. Michael the Archangel can all help us to do battle with the enemy. Also, we should put on the armor of God as described by St. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians and prepare to do battle for our salvation. We’re getting closer to the end of this retreat, and numerous obstacles will get in our way.

    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. …

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