Day 28 Marian Entrustment Part 2 , and Day 29 Review

I will keep it simple again, for I really not sure if I have anything that would be of benefit for those reading.   I hear that sometimes we sound much smarter if we choose to be silent, so I will stick with that theory  tonight.

Yet, Here’s something to reflect on:  Pope John Paul II,  as we all survived an assassination attempt.  After this attempt and his recovery, he visited  Fatima and while there he entrusted the world to Mary.  He stated that Marian Consecration “means accepting her help to offer ourselves and the whole world of mankind to the infinitely Holy God”.  He is talking about bringing the entire world to Divine Mercy through Mary.

1)  What is it that is keeping us from accepting the help of Mary?

2)  It says “accept her help”, so are we willing to change (if that’s what needs to happen), and to do the things needed to be fully devoted to Mary.

My Answer:  I am struggling with giving up a few things, and I am struggling with the willingness to change things.  Example:  Cursing, Daily devotion to Rosary, or prayers asking for the Intercession of Mary.

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  • Julie

    Wade, you brought up the fact that as a result of the apparitions at Fatima, the Holy Father consecrated the world to Mary.

    It’s the centennial year of those apparitions.

    So what is Mary trying to say to me this year? How do I need to accept her help? What changes do I need to make in my life? How do I need to reflect the power of Christ’s Divine Mercy to others? How will I live out the upcoming renewal of my consecration to Jesus through Mary especially during this Marian year? How can I be a more authentic version of myself, a Catholic Christian woman in imitation of the Blessed Mother? What words of wisdom does she have for me, her spiritual daughter? How can I help other women live out a truly authentic vision of womanhood in today’s world?

    Those are all things I’m praying about this final week.

  • Chris baumgartner

    I hear you but anything you say helps us go on and is inspiring somone like me!
    I will say what I think so I can get it out of my head
    I hope somone can get something out of it
    It takes a village sometimes
    I think taking help from mary isn’t the hard part
    Its giving up those past and present evils we carry around
    Those things we can’t stand but we keep doing
    I don’t think she wants me to be perfict she just wants me to want to be perfect
    If we were perfect we wouldn’t need mary
    I think john paul consicrtion of the world was like our parents baptizing us
    In hopes we would confirm it later
    John paul is asking us to confirm what he has already consecrated
    So in a way we are consecrated to mary already?

    Each of us is climing our oun calvery step by step
    We fall and get up fall and get up some spit on us mock us and try to get us to turn from jesus
    Mary is with us step by step whether we ask for her help or not

    I think she wants us to do that for each others
    Isn’t that wht mother did

    I think if I am going to work on a Marion spot In my house !

  • Chris baumgartner

    I woke up with a thought in my head this morning
    If I don’t get it out
    You know what I mean.
    We should be that little spark maker that starts the grill
    Without that little spark the fire can’t start
    So mary could be saying every little thing we do
    Good or bad can start a fire
    So let’s let mary spark us to do good
    Sometimes the grill goes out and needs to be ignolaged again
    May mary start your and my fire!
    And keep it going when it goes dimmer!

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