Day 30 St. Maximilian Kolbe

Sorry fell asleep last night on chair, woke up to all kids up with ice cream and popsicle and this was at 10:20.  Obviously Tammy wasn’t home.

Yesterday’s reading were needed for me.  It answered the question if we experience the tender care of Mary, and see here signs, yet we still don’t feel love for the Immaculata or her love for us, what do we do?

Kolbe’s Quote:  Never worry that you do not feel this love.  If you have the will to love, you already give a proof that you love.  What counts is the will to love. External feeling is also a fruit of grace, but it does no always follow the will.  Sometimes, my dear ones, the thought, a sad longing, as if a plea or a complaint, may occur to you:  “Does the Immaculata still love me?” Most beloved children! I tell you all and each one individually, in her name, She loves everyone of you.  She loves you very much and at every moment with no exception.  This …I repeat for you in her name.

I think this quote can sum up more than just the Love between the Mary and ourselves, but also the love between our family, our spouses, and those closest to us.

Mary most Holy, let us be at peace knowing that we love you, and you love us, and that this love is always pointing us to Jesus, destroyer of sin.

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  • Chris baumgartner

    What you said makes me think of what love feels like
    What does it feel like?
    Sometimes I think its a gushy feeling that makes me tingling all over
    Sometimes I think it’s a proud feeling
    Can a sad simpothetic feoling be love
    Maybe when the desire for love is there that is what that love feels like
    Maybe whenever we allow our hearts to join in others joy pain feer loss
    Maybe that’s what love feels like

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