Little Late but Day 32 Blessed John Paul II and Day 33 Putting it all together

I am sorry for being late with the final blog, but I want to thank all those that followed and that participated in this retreat.  I would like to just share a few things tonight that I believe in my heart to be true and I believe them in my heart for I have felt and seen how our spiritual mother points us to Jesus.

1)  “Seeing Mary stand at the foot of the Cross, next to his beloved disciple, John, Jesus Said, ‘Woman Behold, your song’.  Then, to John ‘Behold, your mother’ (Jn19:26-27)”   I do believe in my Heart that Mary is our Spiritual Mother and that she is there like all Mothers to care to to bring peace to her children.  Mary does this by pointing us to the Savior of the World, and allowing us to be within Her Immaculate heart, where we will all find Jesus.

2) Some of the greatest Church Fathers, Saints recognized by the Church, were loyal, dedicated, and devoted to Mary.  This devotion brought them peace, brought them strength, and brought them closer to Jesus, which in turned brought us all closer to Jesus.  I want that!

3) I just wanted to share the final paragraph in the consecration prayer to Mary.  Thanks for taking the time to read the blogs.  Chris, Julie, and Nick, thanks for taking the time to write comments, for they have been a great part of this retreat.   It is recommended that we renew our consecration yearly, if not even more, so may we all take this Journey together again next year.

“With you, O Immaculate Mother- you who always do the will of God-I unite myself to perfect consecration of Jesus as he offers himself in the Spirit to the Father for the life of the World. Amen”

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  • Julie

    Wade: I cannot offer anything more fitting than what you left in this final post other than to retierate the words of Mary, our Mother, words Cardinal Raymond Burke repeated yesterday during a Mass in Leawood: “Do whatever He tells you.”

    Thank you to everyone for participating with us.

    Hvalen Isus i Marija!

    (Praised be Jesus and Mary!)

  • Chris baumgartner

    Sorry for being late myself
    Thanks for letting me partisipate
    Its always good to see through others eye’s
    Just onne thing remember when we selabrate mass
    We go back to the time of christ crucifixion so at that moment
    Just before cumunion we are standinng by marry and every catholic past presont and future
    In front of thhe cross together!
    Thats blowes my mind
    May mary take our grace and use them
    To bring all to christ

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